14 thoughts on “Testing titles and taglines

    1. The more I look at it, I like it without colors, too, just letting the font do the talking. I’ll be trying different things for awhile but thanks for your thoughts.

  1. When reading your first two efforts, they left me confused, mainly because I wondered: What is your goal with the tagline / logo? Emphasizing your name + initials (Andrea CH) or your focus (reaching out)? (Honestly, I was not sure at first if your name was Andrea, so had to search around for your introduction page, or if it looked that way because the text was all one color for “andreach.”) That being said, now that I know your name as well as your goal, I do love that it’s a play on your name + initials and goals! Have you considered a design in which your name+initials are the same font, different colors (as in option 2), but “out” is in either different font or all caps?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like how much effort you put into deciding how to brand. Kind of like me having to proof read everything to death before I put it out to the public. Look forward to reading more.

  3. I like the third, but your tag words are difficult to read- too small. Wide range – media? design? social justice? I’d like to know how they link.

  4. I’ve only come across your blog so I’m not sure how it was before.
    I like the logo, and I like how you’re doing personal branding.
    Humanely designed to me sounds like you will be discussing ethical issues within the art or designing world eg the problems with mining etc. Is this the sort of thing you discuss or is the media and design element seperate to the times you discuss social justice. If it’s the later then I don’t think the new tag line quite explains the purpose of your blog and id prefer the original.

    1. This is actually my first logo, so you didn’t miss much!

      Thanks for letting me know what “humanely designed” made you think of. Media and ethics/social justice do overlap in my writing, but I don’t think I’ll be talking about anything as specific as mining. I can see how “humanely designed” might make people think of something like fairly made products or jewelry – not my expertise at all… so I’ll avoid using that title.

      I really appreciate your feedback.

  5. Definitely prefer that you decided on the single font and two colors, it looks cleaner which is much like the overall appearance of your blog 😉
    Digital Humanity is kind of a catchy tagline, but it might be a tad vague? Just what I think. Keep it up! Just keeping creating and you’ll eventually find your groove I suppose xx

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