Things I made, Fall 2014

Before embarking on the upcoming Spring semester – which will involve theory and language and Course Assisting, oh my! – it is important for me to start an archive of the things I made last semester.

Fall 2014 creations, linked:

Center of Attention storyboards (pen/marker and colored pencil on paper)

Audio mashup with John Cage narration and music

A rough flag design in Adobe Illustrator

A photo documentary of Astoria, Queens

A moody photo roman

A Video Remix response to ‘GamerGate’

‘Dreams So Real,” a Zeega on creative expression

And last but not least, “The Photobomber” (collaboration), the delightful reason I could not get “The Pink Panther” out of my head for a month.

This is the first Winter Break I’ve had in a long while, and I struggled with managing my time, feeling productive and continued adjustment to my new life stage. The seeds for analysis and creation were planted during the past few weeks, so I hope and expect for things to grow out of them. But that is writing (and visuals) for another day.







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